About Pragmagik

Pragmagik is a small company located in the Rotterdam area in the Netherlands, that develops web-applications using the Python programming language.

Guido Wesdorp, its founder, has been a web developer for about 10 years now (see his resume (Dutch) for more details), mostly using the Python and JavaScript programming languages. The last years he's actively been participating in and following the Python community, working with and contributing to open-source projects such as (among others):

In these years he has built up an extensive network of highly skilled developers, interaction designers and usability specialists, designers, web hosters, and other IT-related specialists.

What can we do for you?

Pragmagik develops highly interactive web applications (nowadays often referred to as 'AJAX' or 'Web 2.0') for small and medium enterprises, with a focus on 'getting the job done'. To achieve this, we make use of modern development techniques and methodologies that have proved themselves among open source/free software developers, such as test-driven development (automated tests for code are written before the code itself), designing the application while implementing it (allowing adjustments to be made all through the development process) and working in short iteration cycles (to allow customers to evaluate results early and often).

Why is this interesting?

Web applications are growing more and more complex these days, and are increasingly hard to write and maintain. Designing applications that suit the customer's needs in a satisfying and maintainable way has never been easy, but in the buzzword-driven 'Web 2.0' days of pushing HTTP and web browsers to their limits - using a rather tricky language like JavaScript - projects often fail, leaving the customer with a useless bunch of code.

By writing the application in small increments and reviewing each of those with the customer, Pragmagik not only ensures that the end product is in accordance with what the customer envisions, but also that problems are spotted early, and that even in early stages of development there is a usable product.

Some examples

Examples of the applications Pragmagik have been involved in, either as part of a team or alone, over the past few years: